PC710 Stage Par 7x10W, Quad-clor, Powerful and Compact! These are the main features of the Mini Stage Par Quad-color, the robust aluminum die-cast housing is designed for professional road use. The Quad Color RGBW 4in1 LEDs provide a very good color mixing directly under the lens. Thus, there are no unwanted RGB shadows. 

Voltage; AC 95V-240V 50/60Hz, Grounding resistance≤0.5Ω
Light Source: 7-piece 10 Watt RGB LED Quad-Color, 
Power consumption: 92W
Beam Angle: 15, 25, 45°
Model: Master/slave, Auto-ran, Sound, DMX 512, built-in program
DMX Channel: 8 Channel
Size: L 210 x B 180 x H 220 mm (H210 mm with bracket), weight: 3.1 kg

DMX Channel List:
CH1: Marcos, program option
CH2: Strobe Speed adjustable
CH3: Speed adjustable
CH4: Dimming (0-100% )
CH5: R dimming(0-100% )
CH6: G dimming(0-100% )
CH7: B dimming(0-100% )
CH8: W dimming(0-100% )